For over 35 years, Kardon Institute for Arts Therapy has helped individuals with special needs through music, dance and art therapy in the Greater Philadelphia Area.


“She won’t talk to you but she’ll come here and sing her little heart out. You can tell she loves it. She’s always ready to go.”
—-Mary Carelli, mother of Kristen, 22.

“It’s different from other therapies. It balances with them. It’s free and fun.”
—Sally Flis, mother of Mikey, 4. *

“He’s really happy at recitals. They give him confidence. I went into the kitchen before the session today and right on there on the table was the CD he wanted to dance to.”
— Helen Barrett, mother of Philip, 40.

“Her coordination is much better…Most important, she has gained confidence performing before audiences. She danced at The Gallery downtown and it was a wonderful experience for her. We were thrilled at the comments we got. Dance and music are a big part of her life. “
—  Yoko Welch, mother of Michelle, 34

“She always looks forward to coming. She’s always asking, ‘When’s therapy?’ She’s learning guitar. A regular teacher might not have the patience.”
—Wanda Resto, mother of DiMarka Ruiz, 15*

Staff Testimonials

“I see the immediate effect of music in their lives. They can be so isolated, but once the music starts, they light up. They interact with you. A lot of it is building up trust, understanding the nuances of the way they express themselves.”
—-Judy Kuo, Music Therapist

“A lot of people have trouble verbalizing their problems. It’s easier for them to communicate with art. With art you’re in a creative zone. And you might see something a doctor hasn’t.”
—- Marissa Householder, Art Therapist.