For over 35 years, Kardon Institute for Arts Therapy has helped individuals with special needs through music, dance and art therapy in the Greater Philadelphia Area.

Activities for Caregivers

Movement and Music Activities for Caregivers Workbook & DVD

The goal of the Movement and Music Activities for Caregivers workbook and DVD is to give caregivers the understanding and practical tools needed to make their clients’ lives and their time with them more rewarding and enjoyable.

Arts can serve an important part in everyone’s life. As people age and their ability to independently engage in arts activities diminishes, they depend upon the people around them; their family friends and care professionals to bring these opportunities to them. It is especially valuable to those individuals with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias to engage with others and these arts activities are the perfect communication form to make that connection.

The workbook and DVD provide step-by-step instructions for over 40 music and movement activities, complete with a listing of materials needed and time required. The workbook also includes pre- and post-tests that can be used for staff training.

Caregiver Feedback
Feedback from caregivers during field testing yielded numerous positive responses, including:

“The manual’s explanation of the activities was very clear. I liked all the information.”

“My clients enjoyed the music. It had a calming effect, and they seemed more focused.”

“I enjoyed leading the activities, but most of all I enjoyed making my clients feel good.”

“The manual contains all of the necessary information and it was presented clearly.”

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