For over 35 years, Kardon Institute for Arts Therapy has helped individuals with special needs through music, dance and art therapy in the Greater Philadelphia Area.

Employment / Internships

Employment Opportunities


Music Therapists/ Art Therapists: Kardon Institute for Arts Therapy is seeking master-level Music Therapists and Art Therapists for part-time work in our community-based creative arts therapy programs located throughout the Philadelphia region. Kardon Institute has a 35 year tradition of offering innovative creative arts therapy programs to children and adults with a variety of special needs, including those with autism spectrum disorders, mental illness, intellectual disabilities, and physical disabilities.


Key Responsibilities:


  • Provides direct service to assigned clients and outreach agencies in a manner that supports the mission and philosophy of the Kardon Institute.
  • Provides therapy sessions that consist of approaches that are appropriate to the skills, abilities, and needs of the client and/or group.
  • Ensures the timely completion and submission of required documentation to include but not limited to treatment plans, progress notes, encounter forms, and time sheets.
  • Attends and participates in staff and supervisory meetings.
  • Completes the necessary credit hours of mandatory and additional training as required.




  • Master’s degree in the field of Music Therapy or Art Therapy, including practicum and internship experience, required.
  • Certification (MT-BC or ATR-BC) and licensure (LPC in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania) preferred but not required.
  • Previous employment experience as a Music Therapist or Art Therapist preferred; new graduates also considered.
  • Clinical understanding of a variety of behavioral health diagnoses, cognitive disabilities and physical disabilities. Must be able to design interventions to meet specific clinical goals and objectives.
  • Familiarity with electronic medical records/ electronic documentation and proficiency with Microsoft Office preferred.


Interested candidates should submit a resume and cover letter to




Music Therapy Internships

Beginning and ending dates:  We offer a part-time internship as a National Roster Internship Program credentialed by the AMTA.   This style of internship typically begins the first week of September and ends the final week of June, but can be adjusted to meet the school and students requirements.  This schedule is conducive to the nature of some of KIAT’s programming which follow a school year calendar.  By having the interns follow the same calendar, our clients have continuity of programming, and our interns experience one entire programmatic year for these programs at KIAT.  With time off for holidays, this creates a 40-week internship, with the intern working an average of 26 hours per week.  Many of our other programs have transitioned to a full-year schedule including our In-House Programs and many Community Connections Programs allowing for greater flexibility in the internship schedule, while maintaining the 40-week internship structure and an average of 26 hours per week.  We also offer a University Affiliated Internship through Temple University, Immaculata University and Drexel University.  Beginning and ending dates follow the semester or quarter schedule with some deviations to maintain continuity of treatment for clients.

Work schedules for interns: Typically, an intern works two days a week at one or two Community Connections sites, and one full day or two half days per week  in the In-House Program.  The exact schedule, sites and populations will vary with each intern, though you can be assured of working in at least two different locations (most accessible by public transportation) and with a mix of populations/ages.  University Affiliated interns follow the schedule agreed upon by the academic supervisor and site supervisor and/or CTD.

Kardon has four music studios with observation rooms at its own location and one studio at each of the Community locations. Each is well stocked with a variety of musical instruments. Facilities at the Community Connections sites vary, but in all cases, KIAT assures that they are adequate. There is also a library at Kardon Institute; in addition to a wide selection of books and journals about Creative Arts Therapies, its holdings include both printed and recorded music.

The Internship Experience
Several factors set Kardon Institute’s internship apart from the rest. It is a unique organization where the Creative Arts Therapies are very highly valued and supported. The intern’s experience will be varied and will consist of an unusually high proportion of direct service, i.e., time spent conducting music therapy sessions in relation to time spent documenting or attending meetings. As a part-time internship, this program is ideal for interns who need or want to work during their internship, and Philadelphia is a dynamic city with a great selection of entertainment and cultural events.

Download: Internship Application

For more details, contact Scott Horowitz at

Art Therapy internships are not available at this time.