Creative Arts Therapy uses the arts to achieve non-arts related goals.


Creative Arts Therapy is a form of non-verbal psychotherapy. It uses the  senses to open new channels of communication between a client and their therapists, families, and community.
The Creative Arts Therapies offered at Kardon Institute include Music Therapy, Dance/Movement Therapy and  Art Therapy.
Goals for Creative Arts Therapy are individually tailored to each client, but may include improvement in:
  • Physical skills – gross and fine motor skills; coordination; dexterity; visual tracking ability.
  • Social Skills – awareness of others; ability to work with others in a group setting; social interaction.
  • Cognitive Improvements – impulse control; attention span; task planning and orientation.
  • Language Skills – expression and listening skills.
  • Psychological Factors – emotional stability; self-esteem; body image; reduced anxiety levels.