Creative Arts Therapy uses the arts to achieve non-arts related goals.

Dance Therapy

Dance is the most fundamental of the arts, involving direct expression through the body. Thus, it is an intimate and powerful medium for therapy.

Based on the assumption that mind and body are interrelated, Dance/Movement Therapy can bring about changes in:

  • Feelings
  • Cognition
  • Physical function
  • And behavior

Today, in addition to treating persons with severe emotional disorders, Dance/Movement Therapy has proven useful in cases of:

  • Individuals with eating disorders
  • Adult survivors of violence
  • Sexually and physically abused children
  • The frail elderly
  • Substance abusers
  • And individuals with acute or chronic pain

Here is a video of Michele performing Full Service, a dance/movement routine with her therapist, Nathalie during a Spring 2010 recital: