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A Postlude to the “Every Voice Choral Festival” April 29, 2011

Christine as a lineleader with the Kardon ChoraleBy: Christine Lulewicz

As a loyal member of the Kardon Chorale for the past three years, I have had so many great opportunities to perform and share my love for music. The best experience so far was being a part of the “Every Voice” Choral Festival.
The Festival day started with us Chorale members having an afternoon practice session with our guest conductor, Alan Harler. He walked us through various vocal techniques, gave us tips on following a conductor, and rehearsed the music we had been preparing for the festival.

What I liked best about Mr. Harler’s approach to conducting us is that he took the time and patience to really help us improve on our singing, understand his style of conducting, and how to give each song we sing our best. His guidance helped to polish our voices so that we’d be truly prepared to shine like the sun in front of the audience.

After our afternoon practice, it was time for the concert that featured all the choirs in the festival. Each group had a nice variety of sings, all of them involving audience participation. It was lots of fun for me to sing along with them.
Finally, it was our turn to perform in front of the audience. With me as a line leader, we paraded onto the stage singing “Festival Song”. The songs we performed had lots of variety as well. We also had audience participation: we invited the audience to clap and sing along with us with the high energy songs we performed.

After performing at the festival, I noticed that the Kardon Chorale is a very unique singing group compared to other choirs. Each member brings their own different and special gift to make the group as wonderful as it is.

Christine Wineberg makes us a strong and unique group as well. With her conducting skills, guidance, and leadership, we stay together and produce powerful music. Christine cares for all the chorale members, and she is the thread that holds the Chorale together.

The Kardon Chorale’s motto, “Every Voice Deserves to be Heard” has special meaning to me. Not only do I open my heart, mind, and soul to others when I sing, but I am also open to listen to others’ voices when they speak to me in my everyday life. By doing this, I feel connected to others, I relate easier to them, and I can show how much they mean to me.

This involvement has taught me that, when the music speaks to me in my heart, mind, and soul, I can respond to the music in my own unique, special way and change it while it changes me.

“Every Voice Deserves to be Heard” is a motto that I feel everyone should live by, no matter who they are. I am grateful for being a unique and important member of the Kardon Chorale. My voice most definitely deserves to be heard.

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